Who We Are

Mountain Valley Montessori School offers a combination of nationally certified Montessori teachers and highly qualified educators.  Values such as curiosity, independence and personal accountability are nurtured to set a foundation where academic skills can flourish naturally.  We take great pride in the quality of people, materials and educational environment we offer with an emphasis on cognitive development.  While the materials and curriculum are truly impressive, it is Dr. Maria Montessori’s extraordinary philosophy put into action that makes Montessori education truly unique and successful.  Our teachers act as guides, knowing that the love of learning is born in those given the opportunity to explore independently.

Mission Statement
Our mission at Mountain Valley Montessori School is to create and maintain a nurturing, healthy, and stimulating learning environment that honors the individual style and needs of children academically, physically, and socially.

Kathryn R. Moon
American Montessori Society Certified