Parent Recommendations

 I couldn’t be more grateful that our son, Brayden, has been at MVMS for 4 years! We kept him there through kindergarten bc it is such a wonderful environment and Katy is unlike others. It is clearly her passion and that shows in her commitment to the children. When my husband toured the various Montessori’s, others gave him pamphlets, Katy gave him a tour and educated him about Montessori and the learning process within it.
We watched our son thrive! Katy and the teachers have been proactive in encouraging our son to explore his strengths, whether that be social, mathematic, or creative. While reading was not the activity he has been drawn to, they have worked with him in such a positive way and we are seeing the results in that area too!
Yesterday when I picked my Brayden up he was in their garden, which the kids have planted. He was picking chives, parsley, and broccoli stems to eat them and shared them with me. They were absolutely delicious right off the plant! More importantly, I can’t believe my six-year-old son was eating fresh chives and saying how great they were! LOL What a beautiful early life experience that he will carry forward into his life.
If you are considering Montessori, this school (Mountain Valley Montessori School) is truly a gem!

Karri B. Snoqualmie

Mountain Valley Montessori School provided an extremely nuturing environment for my two daughters. They had the great privilege of spending two and a half years absorbing the Montessori philisophy, which has created the building blocks for their academic and social success to date. They still love to connect with the friends that they made at the school even though there is a 25 mile distance between them! The girls are able pick up right where they left off 4 years ago when we visit North Bend or their MVM friends come to Seattle! That would not be possible if it weren’t for the positive aura that teacher Katy provides for the students in her class. Due to the projects in the garden at MVM we have not gone a year since the girls attended without fresh vegatables in our own garden! Their eating habits are so healthy and the confidence they have to tackle new goals is attributed to what I witnessed in Kay’s school. Thank you Katy for all that you have done in the healthy development of my girls! Mind, body and soul!

Greg G.

I would highly recommend this school to anyone versed in and committed to Montessori philosophy. Katy’s knowledge and application of Montessori philosophy are impeccable. Her classroom is a peaceful, rich learning environment that immediately engages and attracts children. Her ability to “follow the child” (an approach that many families in our country find counterintuitive and are unable to support at home, but one that truly empowers the child and builds lifelong learners) is clearly the result of her many years in the classroom. My kids love Katy, and have greatly benefited from her ability to provide a safe, calm, multicultural, considered and supportive environment.

Rachel M.

I feel so lucky that we discovered Mountain Valley Montessori when we moved to Washington. I can’t imagine any other school providing a better educational foundation for my children. My son attended MVMS for two years (including kindergarten) and discovered his independence, self-confidence and a true love of learning. He’s in first grade now, and everyone at his public school is amazed at his reading ability. He’s in the top groups for reading, math and spelling, and is popular and outgoing as well, due in part, I’m sure, to the socialization and teamwork skills he learned at MVMS.

My daughter is now in her second year of preschool at MVMS and is starting to truly blossom academically and socially. Though she’s barely 4 years old, she is beginning to read three-letter words and can do some basic addition. She loves her school and her teachers, and I can’t wait to see her continue to grow and learn as she continues her education at MVMS.

Katy and BJ have earned the trust, respect and love of my entire family, and it gives me great peace of mind to know that they are helping me provide my children with such an exceptional early educational experience.

Kim J.

MVM’s small class size was ideal for my daughter to be appreciated for herself, with lots of room and encouragement to grow and explore.  We always felt she was in a safe and secure place where she was respected as a person and learned to respect others the same way.  She entered first grade with excellent academic preparation.  She continues to use what she learned in Montessori in her reading and math and her fine motor skills which were developed using the Montessori materials.  We had an awesome experience there.

Linda G.

I can’t imagine a better way for our twin boys to start their education than Mountain Valley Montessori.  Aside from the great academic head start the boys learned valuable social skills, gained self-confidence, and developed a genuine love for learning along with respect and admiration for their teachers.  Always professional, welcoming, and passionate about what they do… thanks to Katy and her  staff for providing such a great environment for early learning here in North Bend.

Monte A.

Our daughter went to MVMS for 3 years and our experience was great.  MVMS is a wonderful place where the teachers encourage the individuality of the kids and where they can thrive in a great caring, calm environment.

The children, first and foremost, are helped to be shown how to become individuals.  How to trust in themselves, listen to their bodies and follow their own minds and own heart.  I loved how our daughter was told – if you are hungry, grab the snack bracelet and get some food from your lunch bag, why should you only eat with the clock tells you to eat, if your body tells you its hungry, listen to it.

The classroom is set up so that the kids can get up and move around and stretch out and not be confined to a desk or a place.  They are encouraged to work on assignments and projects that they are interested in, therefore, sparking great creativity and learning.   The kids worked in groups, pairs and by themselves.  Katy provides excellent guidance to the kids without hovering and doing the work for the kids, again, focusing on independence.

Our daughter gained invaluable self confidence that I know she would not have gotten in a traditional preschool or kindergarten.  She learned to trust in herself and in her ability to do the work.

Our communication with Katy was always open.  She is a very honest teacher, and at times maybe didn’t say things that we WANTED to hear, but they were things that we NEEDED to hear.  Sometimes they weren’t the easiest to digest, but as a parent, I appreciated her being honest and in the long run, we were able to work on issues right away because of her honesty.

At all times, we felt that the kids’ entire well being (not just her learning, but all aspects of their lives) was the priority of MVMS – Katy truly cares deeply about the kids.

Johnna T.

Mountain Valley Montessori provided my child with the perfect foundation to begin his academic career. The work in the classroom taught my child life skills and built his curiosity and confidence. During his three years of enrollment, Mountain Valley allowed our son to excel both academically and personally. My son is now in second grade and is thriving!  Katy and BJ are great! My husband and I would highly recommend MVM for anyone who would like the best for their children.

Kristine Z.

Both of our children have had the amazing blessing and experience of attending Mountain Valley Montessori.  I had intended to homeschool my kids, but it was clear that wouldn’t work with our schedules (or temperaments!) MVM offered the next best thing.  My son, now in 2nd grade, is an excellent reader and at the head of his class in math.  Our daughter, age 3-1/2 is reading 3 and 4 letter words and her self-confidence and independence as well as love of learning are all blossoming.  Both of my kids have been to the summer camps and absolutely loved them.  We are moving at the end of the school year, and we will truly miss the care, consciousness, and LOVE that our children have received from Katy & BJ at MVM.  I have never felt my kids were in better hands than when they were/are at MVM–as a parent, that is priceless. I cannot recommend this school highly enough.

Kris Prochaska, MA, LMHC
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The director is an amazing lady! Her classrooms are equipped with the most beautiful Montessori learning materials.

Cindy McVay

MVM is a great school, with staff and family who really love kids and want what is best for them, including a calm, safe, caring and *interesting* learning environment. :)

Layla Adolphson Anson